Viña Moraima


The objective is clear, to elaborate an Albariño which contains everything that makes the traditional wines of Barro unique: the pampering care of the vine stock, the location of the vineyards and the traditional winemaking techniques characteristic of the area. Always, with a premise not to forget: what the vineyard gives is what will be bottled.

Viña Moraima is the culmination of 11 wine growing families who together founded a winery in which to elaborate the grapes of the Rias Baixas region.

To do this, nothing is better than to bring together the history and tradition of several generations of winemakers and growers, with the embodiment of a new generation educated in viticulture and oenology. The vision is simple: to connect these two worlds and mold them into a fantastic new wine; to value the knowledge and potential of the vineyards and create one of the best Albariños from the Rías Baixas appellation.

The partners of Viña Moraima have been reaping Albariño wine for many years; some of the vines are over 100 years old.

The vineyards are found in the municipality of Barro (Pontevedra), on the hillsides of the Salnés valley. The climate is influenced by the Atlantic, with soft temperatures and abundant precipitation.




Rias Baixas, Galicia


100% Albariño


Intense and complex, with fresh touches of fruits and white flowers hints of minerals.