Chateau Fantou

Aurelie and Loïc

Aurelie and Loïc

The Château Fantou is a vine-growing estate that dates back to several generations of the Aldhuy family. It is situated in the village of Prayssac, in the A.O.C. region of Cahors. Since 1870, when Auguste Aldhuy built his house and barn on this land, the successive generations have modified and extended the vineyards and the wine cellars of Fantou.


In 1980, Annie and Bernard Aldhuy settled down in the family property, which at the time consisted of 8 hectares. By 1995, the family estate had nearly doubled in size to 15 hectares. Then in 2002, the 5th generation of the Aldhuy family became involved in the running of the property: Aurélie Aldhuy, Annie and Bernard's daughter, with her husband Loïc. More vines were planted throughout 2003 and 2004, increasing the surface area of the vineyards to 25 hectares. Since March 2010, when Annie and Bernard retired, Aurélie and Loïc have managed the estate and have converted it to organic production.


The exceptional geographical location of the estate, midway between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, enables the Cahors vineyards to retain their reputation for exceptional vine growing in a region that  is sheltered from harsh weather.

The temperate climate with its sunny autumnal season is particularly advantageous for ripening the grape vines and for ensuring a quality harvest. The land is harmoniously situated between the limestone hills made up of stones and clay and the Lot valley with its terraced alluvial slopes.




AOC Cahors 


100% Malbec 


Great complexity on the nose, showing floral notes especially violets, with a background of red and black berries. Soft and charming, with a great freshness. Very pleasing even when young thanks to the beautiful aromas and soft tannins, developing deeper character with age.