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Restaurant 121
Ardsley Country Club
Bedford 234
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Bedford Post Inn
Ernie’s Wine Bar
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American Cut Steak House               Aquavit                                                 August                                             Buddakan                                               Capital Grille 42nd                               Capital Grille 51st                                   Capital Grille Wall St                              Casa Apicii                                              Cesca                                                           Del Frisco's Double Eagle                        Del Frisco's Grill                                   Felidia                                                     Fred’s at Barneys                               Gotham Bar & Grill                               Hearth                                                  Junoon                                                      Jung sik                                                  Keens Steak House                              Lambs Club                                              Leon & Sons Wine & Spirits                Locanda Verde                                     Mandarin Oriental Hotel             Manducatis                                       Michael's                                                     Mr. Wright Fine Wines & Spirits          Morimoto                                             National Arts Club                                 North End Grill                                     Oceana                                                  Osteria Morini                                      Patroon                                              Paowalla                                                    Print Restaurant Ink 48 Hotel           Peninsula Hotel                                 Prohibition                                                Strip House Steak House                         The Clock Tower NYC                              The Rainbow Room                               Union Square Cafe                                Whole Foods 97th Street                         Vino Fine Wines Spirits


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Southampton Bath & Tennis
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The Bridge Country Club                         The Cove                                                    The Golf Club of Purchase                       The Meadow Club of Southampton
The Patio                                                    The Topping Rose House      Westhampton Country Club

The Riahi's

We sell hand-crafted wines to New York restaurants and select retailers from the world’s top wine growing regions. We do this with an emphasis on producers that are environmentally conscious.

Our producers trust us to bring their wine to partners that will appreciate the dedication that is poured into every glass.

Riahi Selections offers a global portfolio of artisanal wines that are well-structured, well-balanced and that over-deliver on quality and value. The majority of our wines are produced in total quantities of less than 500 cases. Our smaller producers are more selective in their winemaking and are able to control their quality because they are hands-on from the earth to the bottle.

  Michael Riahi

Michael Riahi

I’ve been lucky enough to have a broad international background, having been born in Persia, raised in Sweden, schooled in Switzerland and trained in Tokyo and London, to name a few locations.  

With my hotel management degree and escalating experience, I ultimately found myself in New York as the General Manager for the 3-star restaurant Aquavit. During my tenure there, my passion for wine really grew. So for the next 12 years I prospered in the supplier and the wholesaler side of the wine business, meeting really interesting people and learning what makes them happy. I traveled even more, but now with my eyes in the vineyards and my nose in the barrels, visiting wineries in many parts of the world. And then came a time that I knew I wanted to do it on my own.

I pursued the wine business because I was driven by passion, and I’ve been successful in the wine business because of the many diverse and meaningful relationships I’ve built over time. So here I am, starting my own company with my own vision, bringing to it my strengths and looking forward to building my love for wine and making new friendships along the way.

  Gayle Martin

Gayle Martin

This has been Michael’s dream since I met him. We were both in the wine business, he in sales and me in marketing, and he said we would make a great team together. So I married him first, and then we started talking about building our own company.

I luckily stumbled into the wine business while working in advertising when I was hired by my client to manage the marketing of several California wines. Subsequent roles saw me managing a variety of domestic and imported wines and spirits, from luxury products to mass appeal, and eventually leading the marketing department of a major US importer. Along the path of my wine career I always found a comforting camaraderie and conviviality with everyone I’ve met, and lasting friendships as well. Once in the wine business, always in the wine business.

But, as life takes you on your incredible and unique journey, I've now found myself a cheesemonger. In 2014 Michael and I reinvented a cheese shop in our local town, and now we are able to provide the best complement to our portfolio of wines: artisanal cheeses and gourmet foods from around the globe. Visit our newest adventure here: 



O'Malley is our best friend. He's really smart, has a great sense of humor (honestly!) and will take any opportunity to knock you over with licks and wags. He comes running whenever we pop a bottle of champagne – guess we should have called him "Corky", but "O'Malley" really suits his personality. Just look at him.

O'Malley also makes sure we never forget the important things in life – a long walk, a good meal, lots of playtime, and loads of love and affection.

O'Malley makes us complete.

Michael Riahi